What Is the Facebook Wall and the News Feed?

The wall is virtually in which you write or upload content material in your buddies to see. The wall is observed beneathneath the profile tab on the pinnacle proper of the screen. Clicking the profile tab will through default take you to the data web page. From the data web page you convert to the wall through clicking the wall button observed at the left of your screen, proper beneathneath your profile picture. At the pinnacle of the wall you’ll discover 4 buttons: popularity, image, hyperlink and video. Clicking the popularity button opens a conversation which permits you to write down a now no longer for your buddies. The image button provides photos. The hyperlink button provides hyperlinks to different webweb sites you need to percentage. The video button provides motion pictures you’ve got got created or stored for your computer. When you click http://gistvine.xyz/ on both the image, hyperlink or video button you’ll have the choice of including a message to ship at the side of the image, hyperlink or video.

The News Feed is in which you visit examine content material out of your Friends. The News Feed is observed beneathneath the Home tab on the pinnacle proper of the screen. It’s the primary web page you spot while you go online to Facebook. It’s a real-time replace of what all of your buddies are presently posting. The contents at the News Feed web page aren’t shared, if you want to percentage precise content material you should click on the proportion button – when you percentage this content material it’s going to display up to your Wall in which all your Friends can see it.

When you upload a few content material for your Wall it’s going to display up to your Friends News Feed.

What takes place to content material you Like, Comment, Share or Tag?

If you discover a Facebook web page you want and also you click on the like button, this may join you to that web page and content material from that web page will display up on your information feed. You can like precise content material on your information feed and provide comments to the person who published it through clicking the like button beneathneath the content material.

Comments are just like Likes however while you touch upon a few content material the complete net can see your comment, now no longer simply the person who published the content material.

Content which you percentage or tag will display up to your wall due to the fact it’s far content material you’ve got got added. The shared content material will display up on all your buddies information feeds. Content tagged for precise buddies will display up to your buddies wall, so your buddies and all in their buddies will see the tagged content material. If you do not know the individual you’re tagging it’d be an excellent concept to invite their permission first.

Shared content material indicates up to your wall and your buddies information feeds.

Tagged content material indicates up to your wall and decided on buddies walls.

It’s a bit puzzling at the start however after an afternoon or you ought to get the hold of it.