What Is The Bookmaker’s Margin

All clients of bookmakers , both beginners and experienced bettors, are united by a common goal: to make bets on the most favorable terms for earning. First of all, this applies to high quotes, since the size of the win depends on their value. All bookmakers 파워볼오토 offer different odds. This article is about why this is happening.

Bookmaker’s margin is a commission that the bookmaker puts into quotes, thanks to which it earns, regardless of the outcome of the event. The lower the margin, the higher the odds. To make it easier to understand what it is, let’s give an example of margin.

Example of bookmaker margin

For example, let’s take equal outcomes, that is, those whose probability is 50%. Let’s say the total is over or under in basketball. The bookmaker sets the main value and offers to predict the number of points in the match. Without margin, the quotes would have a value of 2.00-2.00, but each of the options is estimated with a coefficient of 1.90.

Impact of margin on rates

The higher the margin, the higher the percentage of bets passing is required from the player. Let’s recall the equivalent outcomes from the example above. The fair value of the quotes should be 2.00-2.00. In this case, in order not to go into the red, it is enough to give 50 correct predictions out of 100.

However, with a margin of 5%, which corresponds to quotes of 1.90-1.90, you will have to make 53 correct bets out of 100 in order to stay with your money. It turns out that you need to increase the percentage of passability, but the profit remains the same.

How do I calculate the margin?

The probability of all outcomes, regardless of their number, is 100%. Consider an example of calculating the margin for a Stoke City – Huddersfield football match.

The importance of bookmaker margin

As a rule, novice players do not delve into terms. It is difficult for beginners to determine the margin, especially if the event has three outcomes. A professional bettor should look for the most favorable conditions for betting, and not give a part of the profit to bookmakers. It is especially important to consider the margin when using some financial strategies.

At first glance, the difference between 1.88 and 1.93 is insignificant, however, at a distance, it will be noticeable. Therefore, choosing a bookmaker is an important component of a successful game 유로88. Choose low-margin offices. They offer the highest odds.