Diving in Bali

In addition to the best traditions and culture, Bali also has incredible nature, land and sea, and underwater scenes. You can vacation, vacation, and adventure in the paradise of this island. Bali sometimes has the best travel status in the world. You can see the original burr, and at some point you will see it.
Barris’s underwater treasures are still kept secret, and the temperature of the water can change rapidly. Long recognized by marine biologists and international underwater photographers, beautiful ballis diving is now recognized by the most demanding divers as one of the most diving places in the world.
The diving infrastructure is more fully Alor Dive developed. Infrastructure has been set up to provide access to some of the major Bali dive sites. Divers can be assured of a great diving experience, with some of the best diving operators providing excellent service and meeting all international safety requirements. It is worth contacting some operators to do their homework and make sure that the company of your choice meets your expectations. The most important feature of diving in Bali is the rich and diverse location. Deep water droplets and steep banks, coral reefs and bombs, one of the world’s most famous shipwrecks, volcanic outcrops and seagrass beds. Inhabited by colorful and diverse marine life, there are many places that you will want to visit again and again.
Bali is a must-see diving spot. The answer lies in various attractions. Many dive sites in the northern part of the island offer protected dives in mild conditions, often easily accessible from the coast. Elsewhere, strong currents offer exciting and challenging opportunities for scuba diving. The strong growth of the very deep canals around Bali provides a rich breeding ground for abundant marine life, from stunningly beautiful and rare macro species to large moramora and sunfish.
Bali is actually one of only two places in the world where you can predict the outbreak of sunfish at a particular time of the year. It’s certainly an unforgettable sight to see these sea giants hanging from a stream and being tidied up by a Moorish idol school. Little is known about these creatures. Sunfish visiting Bali are included in an ongoing investigation to attempt to establish more information about these soft giants. Sunfish are found primarily around Nusa Lembongan, Ceningan and Penida, but are also found in other dive spots in Bali.
Strong tides also provide an ideal environment for sharks often (and especially) found on the east coast of Bali. You can also see a variety of striped patterns, such as the largest striped blanket. Nusa Penida is especially popular with divers who want to see the area of ​​the arrow, as it has a group of residents there. Many interesting and rare species make Bali their hometown. Squids and octopuses can be seen with the joy of divers in some of the shallow, protected landscapes of the northeast coast. There are lots of crocodyl fish, leaf scorpions, and great kinds of nude tins. The highlights are Napoleon’s majestic leather nuts and a group of large-headed parrotfish, as well as mantis shrimp, blue honeybees, dwarf seahorses, and ghost fish.