Advertising of a rented apartment

I have some investment properties in and around my hometown. These properties have managed to give me a good additional income which I definitely take advantage of. A month ago, a tenant of one of the apartments gave me his thirty days’ notice. I immediately put an apartment for rent sign in the window of my house. I also posted a similar ad in the local paper. Within hours, he had received a dozen phone calls from people who had seen the apartment rental ad he was showing. I started keeping a list of their names and phone numbers saying I would answer them. He didn’t want to show the apartment until the weekend, which was still several days away. Two days after I announced that I had a rented apartment, I received over sixty phone calls. It bothered me a lot and I was seriously thinking about asking more for the rent. He now had fifteen people lined up to examine the apartment. The sound of the phone ringing now irritated me.

I was also surprised that some people dared to call at the most inconvenient hours. There was no way he was talking to anyone about a rented apartment at midnight. I didn’t even bother to take the information from that numb person, I just hung up in anger. I  apartments for rent in accra contacted the newspaper the next day and asked them to remove the rental listing. He was unable to answer another fifty phone calls. However, sure enough, when I got home, my answering machine informed me that I had eighteen new calls. I couldn’t believe that a rented apartment was in such high demand. I called the current tenant and asked him to remove the sign from the apartment window.

That weekend, I started showing the apartment and was impressed with the quality, or lack thereof, people were showing. Some of them were unable to provide references. My favorite was the young woman who had no references or a job, and she said her married boyfriend was looking for a new apartment for her so she could be closer to him. I couldn’t help but wonder if her married boyfriend was someone I knew. At the end of the weekend I decided that the rental apartment sign would no longer be displayed because I found some desirable tenants. But next time, I’ll ask for more for the rent.